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I will to create T-Shirt Designs!

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Some days ago I found a really great site with adorable T-shirt Designs. I bought for myself some of them, then I realised that, the site is open for any Designers. Everybody can update designs. I had an idea, that I try myself too in this. I read about the shirt design thing a lot and I found a great article. When you are a beginner in the T-Shirt design, read this interesting article, I learn a lot:

So the conclusion is, that these are the best websites if you are a Designer and like to upload and sell your designs:


Probably this site has the largest audience.


This site is very popular too, so many people can see your Designs.



In this site are just daily or periodical Shirt Design challenges but this is a good reference.

I think I give a chance this shirt design thing, I like to create some drawing for the people! :) I'm exciting! If you have alredy experiences with this, please tell me about it! :) I'm curious what are the others opinion.

Anyway, just for fun, I bought these lovely shirts for myself on the TeePublic site. Wooow, high five for these artists! :)

This pun... :D I love it. (The shirt's site)

Finally I have a Firefly Shirt! :) (The shirt's site here)

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