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​My name is Csilla Rödönyi. I really love to work as animator or illustrator. My favourites are the character designs, the detailed imaginary worlds and the creature drawings. I love the vibrant colors and symmetry. In my animation works I do often traditional 2D animations but I worked as 3D character animator too.

Otherwise, I'm a Hungarian girl. I love the science, the sci-fi & horror movies, to play video games, the space ships and cars, cartoons, rock & synthwave music, the nature and to live.


 To draw for a book is a great thing. To transform somebody else's written tale visible. I do the most times hand-drawn pictures with digital colouring but I work with watercolor too.    

Children's book illustrations 
Book illustrations / covers 

Boardgame illustrations
Magazine illustrations 
Cartoonish illustrations 
Stylized illustrations 


I love to create detailed imaginary worlds and creatures. To develop a complex system from the nothing. Next to the character and concept arts I do  graphic design works.

Character designs for games

Character designs for animations

Concept arts

Poster designs

T-Shirt Designs

Comic strips

Badge / Icon / Logo designs


In my animation works I often draw 2D animations but I worked as 3D character animator too. I can do whole animated shorts independently. My 2D animations are hand-drawn but I worked with the Anime Studio software too. I use for the 3D animations Autodesk Maya.


2D animations

Pixel Animations

3D animations